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We recommend reading the "Student Guide" first. Then create a new account, log in, look around at the different courses we offer. You can visit the "Course Catalog" to help you choose which courses you need to take, then you can enroll in your first course, and begin learning.

NEW STUDENTS, FIRST View our Student Guide here.

Our Student Guide will explain:

  • Computer Requirements
  • How to set up a new account
  • How to Login and Logout
  • How to enroll in and take a course
  • How to navigate our online learning area

Not sure what courses you need, view our course catalog here.

Our Course Catalog will explain:

  • Curriculums
  • Introduction Courses
  • General Industry Courses
  • Construction Courses
  • Powered Industrial Trucks Courses
  • Transportation Courses
  • Other/Miscelaneous Courses

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