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Some of the worst training that we’ve all had was lectures. It is hard to stay engaged without a more interactive, entertaining, education process. That is why we use engaging online multi-media.

Our goal is to have employees ask and answer the simple question, "Am I doing my job in the safest manner possible?"

About Our Online Safety Training is designed to meet the safety training needs of PEOs, temp services, and staffing companies while keeping them compliant with the OSHA training requirement.

For our current clients, certifies and maintains all records to keep our clients OSHA compliant for their training requirements. Beyond the training, there are specific administrative OSHA requirements that we do electronically. We can certify that our clients' training is complete and OHSA compliant.

Simply doing safety training is not enough. OSHA requires a safety program which includes training, record keeping, and administration.

Our unique system not only guarantees to fulfill the OSHA training requirement for the PEO, staffing company, temp service, or contractor, but we can also extend that protection to the staffing site clients, subcontractors, and independent contractors.

About Us specializes in Work Place Health and Safety for the PEO and Staffing industry and their clients. We started 15 years ago as the in house safety department of a PEO. The PEO was later sold and the safety function was taken over by the buyer's safety department.

Having developed an extensive amount of training materials and experience, we began to be the outsourced safety department for a number of PEOs and Staffing companies. We put our training material on the Internet, so it would be centrally based and easily accessible by our trainers without having to make multiple, individual copies. It also allowed us greater version control.

Soon clients began to ask if their employees could access the training materials for new hires or employees who missed our classes. The next logical step was for us to develop what has become; a full featured online safety learning institution.

About Our Other Services still offers our on site services as well. Our most popular on site service is accident investigation. Many companies don't think about safety until something really bad happens.

Along with accident investigation we continue to do on site training. Our on site training is not just sit down and watch our online video. Our on site training uses your work environment as the classroom. We train your employees to your specific hazards and how to be protected against them. We also give them the skills to deal with unforeseen and new hazards.

We can do Human Performance safety training, used in the oil and natural gas and nuclear industries where safety is mission critical. Our Human Performance courses are not just theory; like all our training material was adapted from the safety training that was developed for our clients for over 15 years.